Managing your Photos and Camera with Lubuntu

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First, install the lightweight photo manager called gThumb. You can install it by pasting the following code into your terminal.
sudo apt-get install gthumb
Second, you will need to connect your camera to the computer. There are a few ways to do this, depending on your camera.

  1. The easiest is to insert the SD card into your computer SD port (if it has one).
  2. The alternate way is to connect your entire camera to the computer via a USB cable.

You should see a pop-up that appears after you complete the connection above. Chose the gThumb option.
Follow the import steps/options given by gThumb. Be sure your folder destination is your home/USERNAME/Pictures directory. That keeps your directories clean and simple.

If you did not see a popup when you connected your camera, the alternative way is to open gThumb and chose the import option (File -> Import From -> Removable Device)
You will again have import options.
Finally, there are other options instead of gThumb that you may like. Here are four more standard options. I like gThumb because it fits Lubuntu's philosophy: (1) Lightweight and (2) Minimalist.

Enjoy your photos!
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