Modifying Borders in Lubuntu's Theme

Posted: Friday, August 10, 2012 | Posted by Unknown | Labels: , ,
One of the small things that annoys me about the default Lubuntu theme is the black border around windows (below, left).
Instead, I prefer the lighter border (above, right). It looks more nuanced and sophisticated, especially on lighter backgrounds.

Here's a screenshot of the new theme as part of the entire desktop.
To get that look, one option is to download my altered openbox theme and replace the themerc file inside:
Remember, to paste a file into a root directory, you will need root access (Tools -> Open Current Folder as Root).
Download Theme! If you want to change the borders manually, you will still need root access to the themerc file. Edit it by searching for border.color and change the values to #CCCCCC. There will be a few of them.
Restart and enjoy your new theme.
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