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One of the things I loathe most about Lubuntu 12.04 is the dreaded notification system. Primarily, I don't like that I must clear old notifications from the panel before other notifications come through.
I also don't like how big the notifications are.
Below, I'll give you a method to remove the Lubuntu default notify system, but I will also end with a worthy alternative.

Remove Default Lubuntu Notifications
To remove the notifications simply remove the culprit: the notification-daemon. Open the terminal and paste the following code.
sudo apt-get remove notification-daemon
It may prompt you with something scary about removing the lubuntu-desktop. That didn't happen to me, but you shouldn't worry because it's part of a meta package. Your desktop will be fine. I promise!

Add a New Notification System
XFCE uses an excellent, minimal notify system. It's called xfce4-notifyd. The popups are a bit smaller, have a smokier look to them, and don't prompt you to clear the old notifications. What more can you ask for?
Oh, and did I mention it's configurable? Yeah, you can chose where they appear, what they look like, and how long they stay on the screen.
Want it? Make sure you've removed the notification-daemon first. Then paste into the terminal:
sudo apt-get install xfce4-notifyd
To open the configuration manager:
Restart. Enjoy.
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