Lubuntu Login Screen: Changing the LightDM Background

Posted: Thursday, July 26, 2012 | Posted by Unknown | Labels: ,
When Ubuntu changed to the LightDM display manager, the desktop background was configured to change based on the user's configurations. However, this never made it into Lubuntu 12.04. So if you want a seamless look between your desktop and your login screen, or if you have some atrocious image you want all users to view before logging in, read on...

The first thing is to locate your background image and place it in the root directory. (Obviously, if it's in your home folder, this is inaccessible once you log out.) I suggest you place it where the other root background images are located.
Open this location with root access (Tools -> Open Current Folder as Root)
Paste in your new login background image or drag-and-drop.
In the same root-access window, open the LightDM configurations:
Open the file named lightdm-gtk-greeter.conf
Finally, change the background option. Because the image should be in the same directory, simply change the file name.
Logout and enjoy the new eye-candy.
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