Lubuntu 12.10: Alpha 3 Release

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The new Lubuntu 12.10 Alpha 3 has been released. Lubuntu had a 100% pass rate. Well done, team. The official word:
The A3 is pretty much as the final will be, there is still some art work to come in and some further minor 'tweaks'. If you install the A3, then just keeping it updated will take you all the way to final release without a fresh install. The usual cavaet, it is not a final release and could get broken during the remainder of the development cycle.

So what is it like? How is different?

As mentioned above, the artwork updates will probably hit in Beta 1. So much of what you see will look the same.
The default desktop looks similar. The menu button looks a bit brighter and cleaner.
There is a new notification system in Lubuntu 12.10. It is the xfce4-notifyd that we discussed in an earlier post. This is a solid change for the distro.
There had been some talk of changing the xfce4-power-manager, but that remains. There was also mention of adding the new LxScreenshot, but because of lacking packaging and translation support, scrot was left as the default.
There was also discussion of adding the new LxFind to 12.10. However, because of the same issues surrounding LxScreenshot, the team decided to include Catfish, a new default application to Lubuntu.
It's a solid release, but I am looking forward to the artwork updates. From the few snippets I've seen, the art team is really adding a high level of polish.
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